Tell us about your business and when you started it.

Is a website store which stocks unique items.

Personalised Plates ~ Signature Plates ~ Wooden educational & Musical toys ~ Gollies ~ Soy Candles.

It all started when my eldest daughter was in kinder, 2008.

Where did you get the idea for the company name

I became a stay at home mum to look after my girls. If I had never had the girls I would never have started the business, so I decided to name Lily Rose Gifts after them. I took their middle names Alayna Rose & Erin Lily, and this is where Lily Rose Gifts came from. The name is very special to me.

What are some of the challenges you have found so far.

Trying to run a business and looking after 2 girls can be a big challenge, but any challenges along the way just make me stronger, and I learn from them.

What do you most love about what you do.

Others may read to relax, but I find that painting and drawing relaxes me. I wanted to do something that involved drawing and painting and really fell in love with painting plates. I love seeing the plates come to life when they are finished. Knowing that people will have these plates in many years to come is very rewarding for me.

What is your favorite product in your range and why?

I love everything that I have, and I believe if you are going to sell or produce anything then you have to love the product too, but if I had to choose 1 thing I would probably say the personalised & signature plates. It is a gift that will be very personal for someone and a special keepsake. But I also love all the wooden toys & gollies too.

I really love bringing back the gorgeous timber toys and gollies that were around when I was a child, that you just don’t see in the mainstream shops anymore.

What inspires you to create what you create?

Oh definitely my beautiful girls. It is because of them that Lily Rose Gifts is here. But when I paint I find myself feeling so at peace. I am also thankful that I have a husband who has supported me all the way.

What future plans do you have for the business?

I would like to see Lily Rose Gifts grow bigger. My aim is to one day open up our own shop so I can expand on all of my products, and bring a larger variety of beautiful and very unique items to everybody.

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